Breckland Carriage Driving Club takes its name from the forest and heathland area that spans the Norfolk and Suffolk border in the heart of East of England. Known simply as “The Brecks”,  the area is renowned for its arable farming, fabulous country homes and estates, and its wide open spaces.

The club runs a range of arena based driving competitions throughout the year including Dressage, Precision driving (cones), Combined Marathons (a combination of cones and obstacles), Combined Training (Dressage and Precision driving) and various agility competitions. We also have some innovative competitions to challenge drivers and grooms that you'll not find at other driving clubs! We have a strong emphasis on having a bit of fun and enjoying the sport of carriage driving.

We cater for drivers of all abilities and ages, grassroots drivers who drive for pleasure and fun, those who drive very small ponies, heavy horses and donkeys, junior drivers, veteran drivers and veteran horses and ponies who still love competing in their golden years! More experienced drivers will have the opportunity to compete in fast paced competitions, and practice Dressage and Precision driving in preparation for 3-phase driving trials events.

If you have an interest in carriage driving but do not drive, you'll be very welcome to join us as a volunteer.